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Hey there! My name is Amanda and I am super excited you’re interested in working with me to develop your website and build your personal brand. 

First, you’re probably wondering who I am. Well I, my dear friend, am an inspired entrepreneur like yourself. I actually began blogging and creating websites at age 14 because I am super passionate about holistic health and travel.

Since then (I’m now 22), I’ve created a number of websites and am learning every day, as I am a self-employed freelance writer, content curator, holistic healer (plant-based chef, nutritional counselor, certified Reflexologist, ACE-certified personal trainer, Reiki practitioner, ISD-certified Reflexologist, and Naturopath student).

Being able to share my passions with the world through a number of platforms (like Seraphic Journey – which is all about traveling through life and lands) has opened up incredible opportunities (like working in Costa Rica and Thailand – which I did for about 2 1/2 years) and meet amazing individuals like yourself.

Now that I’ve been able to create freedom by working from anywhere through the internet, I’m inspired to give back and help others do the same. Maybe you aren’t interested in uprooting and working from a beach as a blogger, maybe you’re just seeking to share your cooking hobby and wisdom with the world! Whatever your desire and reason behind wanting to create a blog/website (they’re the same really, it just depends on your intention behind creating it), I can 100% help you achieve your goals creation-wise. 


Check out some of my work below: (Hey- that’s this blog!)


Based on financial budget and needs, I’ve created the following packages (Updated: “Getting Started” is the only package available right now). Prices will range based on needs and time-line, but can pretty much be guaranteed to stay within budget.


Getting Started Package - ($350 – $500)

What you get: 

– Your full blog up and running within 2-3 weeks

– Skype session & questionnaire to help determine your vision, goals, and niche

– SEO Optimization + Recommended Plugins 

– 5 Questions via Email (After the work is done and you’re pleased with your site)

– Customized logo, header, color scheme, and branding

– Set up of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+)

– Step-by-Step assistance on how to get started blogging!



Optional additions we can work within the budget:

– Additional questions/support via email

– Set-up of Automated email system (to catch leads) – Aweber or GetResponse

– Assistance in developing your first E-book to capture leads

– YouTube intro & closing slides

– Advice on Outsourcing for other projects + building your audience

– Changing branding + creating new artwork for your site & social media pages (see below – header for Bloom for Life)

 Depending upon your needs and vision, I may or may not recommend the Kalatu Blogging System which also offers an opportunity to join as an affiliate and turn your blog into a profitable business. 

If you’re ready to dive in, email me using this form and I’ll send you the questionnaire to get started. Please expect a reply within 12 – 48 hours.

Payment: I accept PayPal or Check (if in the United States) Half is expected up front, with half delivered once you’re super stoked with your new website.


I look forward to collaborating with you on making your dreams a reality!

Amanda Froelich

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