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Are you an inspired entrepreneur who has something to share with the world? Thanks to the advent of the internet, it is now not only possible, it’s easier than ever!

Over the past few years, I have self-published quite a few e-books, including: 

A Scrumptious Juices & Smoothies eBook


A Whole-Foods, Plant-based Menu Plan (7 Days)



Inviting In Light: 12 Steps To Creating The Life You Deserve 


and many more. Check ‘em out at The Shop!

What are the benefits of self-publishing? Well, the first one is that you don’t need to wait for a publisher to express interest in you before you share your wisdom with the world, you can just go ahead and share it! 

Of course, there are some downsides to this, including cost, time, and the fact that you’ll have to work your butt off to reach your target audience… But if you’re building your brand and just beginning to cull an audience, I think it’s a very intelligent move. 

In fact, many inspired “do-gooders” have self-published their own resources and eventually landed big writing gigs with publishers who liked their work(s). You never know what’s possible!

For now, if your #1 goal is to launch an eBook product, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. 

Disclaimer: It does take work to build a brand and share your wisdom with the world. It’s not easy, you have to be dedicated, and the process might take a while, but I think it is worth it. 

Also, I highly recommend putting in the effort to create a product of value, because you get one – and only one – chance for first impressions with your followers/readers, so make it a good one! I made the mistake once upon a time of crafting and sharing an eBook before it was truly ready to go (edited, in nice layout, ready for print, etc…) and now regret being hasty.

If it’s a worthy product, it’s worth the time. 

Do this for YOU, second for those you desire to help. If you’re a spiritually-led entrepreneur, I think striving for quality is a must. Shall we begin?!

Step 1: Write A Great Book Or Guide

Before you can publish an eBook, of course you will need to have written something! What is your niche focus? What is a focused topic you wish to write about and share more with your readers? Get focused. This is part 1 of building a brand, and it’s essential when creating your first eBook. 

What you write needs to provide value to your reader, emotionally, practically, or otherwise. Here are some great articles that will help you effectively manage your writing schedule and get the book finished! 

PR Daily’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective Writers

How to Finish Writing a Book Without Losing Your Sanity


Step 2: Get Someone To Edit Your Book 

Gah, if I had a nickel for every time I should have edited an article, e-book, or personal post to Facebook… Even the most successful authors in the world have professional editors to help them shape and improve their works. 

It is essential that before you publish your eBook, you enlist the assistance of a professional book editor. And even before you enlist a pro editor, you should consider having your book revised and edited with the help of beta readers, a writing group, or a workshop. 

Here are more articles to help you when looking for an editor: 

The Role of a Book Editor — and What to Look for When Hiring One

Your Book Needs Editing, and Here’s Why…

How to Edit Your Own Book: Tips from Authors on the Revision Process

How to Revise Your Novel through a Read Aloud and Critique Workshop


Step 3: Creating The eBook

There are a number of ways you can go about formatting and self-publishing your book. When I first started, I was using free resources like and, but soon after hired an Adobe designer to format my book for me and create a lovely outline. 

There are a lot of ‘rules’ you have to follow when getting your book sold by Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so I highly recommend you get educated before doing something so drastic (like spending days on a project to learn you have to re-format it…ugh).

If you’re completely new at this, some sites offer to do the whole gig for you – at a cost. Could be a worthy investment. 

OR, you can outsource like I oftentimes do, and use sites like and/or to find the perfect collaborator for your project. 

You’ll also need to think about creating your own book cover (I use, personally) or hiring someone to do it for you. (The covers are always my favorite part!!)

Here are some articles to help you get better informed on eBook formatting: 

Standard vs. fixed layout eBooks

10 Articles on eBook Formatting

Converting your eBook from PDF to ePUB

Formatting your work for eBook distribution

How to convert your eBook to the ePUB format


Step 4: Distribute Your eBook Worldwide!

Phew! You put in all the hard work to get your words on… tablet, and now it’s time for people to want to buy your book and learn your hard-earned knowledge. 

This is where having a brand and a following is super essential, for if you’re not ‘known’, who will ‘find’ your works or have interest in what you have to say? 

Certain distributors you can work with will help market your book, such as Balboa Press (which is a side business of Hay House – which I love, but costs an arm and a leg to ‘self publish’). Others, again, like and, include it in deals and packages to help you make it ‘big’ as an online author. 

Seriously. One of the crucial steps in publishing an eBook is setting up worldwide distribution so your book will be available in all popular eBook stores (iBookstore, Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc…), in libraries, and more. This is where you’ll likely want to invest to get your book widely distributed and available in 100+ countries. 

Here are some awesome articles on why you need to consider investing in worldwide eBook distribution: 

Why Publishing on Kindle is Not Enough

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing Your First Novel

eBook publishing strategies: 5 essential tips

Step 5: promote Your eBook

Congratulations! Your book is done, it’s being sold through various retailers, and you’re feeling fly because you finally published a bookbloomrawbudget

Sorry, chap. The work’s not done. YOU now need to advocate for your book, publicize it on your website, and tactfully draw attention to your work(s) in a non-spammy kind of way. It’s an art, trust me. 

Ideally, your book promotion strategy should be one of the components you think about even before step 1. Even before your book is done, you should be promoting it. 

Take a scan through these useful articles: 

How Much Should You Charge for Your eBook?

A Checklist of Basic Promotion Materials for Indie Authors

Where to Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Book

Promote Your Book with Social Media

Promote you Book on a Budget

And there we are! I would like to note that I just promoted the shiz out of, even though I haven’t yet used the services they provide. They just have some very useful articles which even I am continuing to learn from, so suggest you check out the site. Not even being paid for this advertising, haha. ;) 

Remember: It’s daunting for anyone to put a piece of themselves out to the world, especially in published format. Anybody can ridicule and criticize, but at least you are taking action and working toward making the Earth a better place. Who gives a care of someone doesn’t like what you put out? (If it’s not offensive, at least). 

Take pride in what you can offer the world, and consider publishing your first eBook following this guide once you have successfully built your online business and brand. 

You deserve to live a life you love!
Amanda Froelich

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