Hey there! Are you new to the whole website development thing and looking to get your brand out there? Well, it’s no simple task, but I’m here to help make it a bit easier. 

If you followed the advice of my earlier post, “How To Start Your Online Blog [6 Steps]“ by now you should either have signed up with Kalatu (and being using a different set-up, therefore, don’t need this advice) or followed the steps to host your WordPress blog on HostGator or GoDaddy.

If you’re confused, don’t worry. I might soon be offering building and branding website services, so you’re in luck! 


But anyways, you have your WordPress blog. Now, what? 

Well, friend, you need to start blogging every day, as well as ADD the following plug-ins to your site (I detail below ‘how to’) to ensure it runs efficiently and generates as much traffic as possible.

  1. WordPress SEO By Yoast
    With over 7 million downloads to date, that makes this one of the #1 WordPress plugins for its power, ease-of-use, and functionality for optimizing your posts for search engines.  Basically, the plugin works the way it sounds: simply download it, install the plugin, and it goes to work getting your blog or website search engine optimized.  According to the raving customer reviews, this plugin is not to be overlooked.
  2. Google Drive
    Don’t get caught in a sticky situation.  Backing up the files from your WordPress site is just as essential, as it is easy with this plugin, called WP Google Drive.  Backup plugins for WordPress are a dime-a-dozen; however, the fact that this backs up to Google Drive makes it unbelievably simple and convenient.
  3. Ebyline WordPress Payments
    Ebyline is an industry leader in connecting freelance writers and clients who need content creation.  Thus, it makes sense that they would develop a plugin that allows clients to pay freelance writers directly from their WordPress dashboard.  Not only is this convenient, but the plugin even keeps track of W9 tax information too.  Clever.  Very clever.
  4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    If you need to track your traffic, but don’t want to navigate away from your WordPress dashboard, then you can do it with this plugin: Google Analytics Dashboard.  The convenience of this plugin is monumental, giving you a real-time picture of what your traffic is doing, directly from inside WordPress.
  5. Shareaholic
    If you want one of the best plugins in the history of blogging, you’ll need to download Shareaholic.  It’s basically a platform, from which you can get your blog posts noticed, via social networking media.  Not only will this work with Facebook, but you can also use it with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google+.  Also, it will provide the usual Facebook buttons, just so you can increase your blog post’s ‘shareability’.  In addition, its sleek design cuts down on the clutter, helping your blog get noticed and stand out.  Few plugins are this powerful.
  6. Thank Me Later
    Have you ever posted a comment on a blog, or provided your email to a site –then receiving an email mere seconds from doing so?  You automatically think, “Well either that’s the most obsessive blog admin on the web, or this is an auto-generated email.”  Well, with Thank Me Later, you can make your ‘Thank you,’ emails far more personal through the ability to customize certain fields, and the best part… you can tell it to send hours after you the sign up.  The beauty of this is the fact that it provides a much more personal touch to the emails that are programmed to be sent to new commenters and visitors.
  7. Akismet
    Of course, not all comments are generated without ulterior motives.  Having to deal with spam and those annoying ad comments is synonymous with the success of a blog… until now.
    Askimet is a WordPress plugin that will filter junk comments and sift through the real ones and the spam.  Simply set it and forget it, but you can moderate all comments if you wish.  Also, your use of Askimet will send reports and help improve the plugin to provide better filtering.
  8. Contact Form 7
    Basically, Contact Form 7 is a WP plugin that provides one of the most functional, simplest, and easiest contact forms for blogs.  If you’ve recently filled out a contact form on a blog, then there’s a good chance it was one powered by Contact Form 7.  Also, do you remember how we talked about those annoying spammers in #7?  Well, CF7 even works with Askimet, so that you can rest assured –those spammers aren’t going to abuse your contact form.


How do you find the Plugins? 

Go to your Dashboard —> Plugins —> “Add New”

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.20.56 AM

Next, Search for the plugin name (Example: ‘Akismet’)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.25.07 AM

You will be taken to the main page describing the plugin. Click Install! 

You more or may not have to ‘Activate’ – Go to your ‘Plugins’, scroll down to find ‘Akismet’ (Example), and click “ACTIVATE”. Now you’re good!


And that’s it for now! Again, keep an eye out. I may soon offer basic branding and building of websites, as there are MANY people asking for that assistance. <3

You Deserve To Live A Life You Love!

xo Amanda Froelich

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