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Hey there! 

If you’re staying up-to-date with my travel blog, Seraphic Journey, you’re likely aware that I am presently bumming it at my parent’s place in South Dakota, USA (and, of course, visiting them) before venturing to Bali November 1st. I figure staying with them is a great opportunity to work on projects and really get things settled in the US before I leave the country (again) for who-knows-how-long. 

There’s been one major problem, however: I’ve been constantly distracted. Of course, my attention span is partly to blame. But also, a lot has been an effect of living in America, where advertisements bombard the average consumer 24/7. 

I’m serious. If the television isn’t screaming at you the latest product you need to buy so you’ll be “beautiful,” “healthy,” “popular” and what-not, one of the thousands of billboards across the flat state (SD has the MOST billboards of any state in the US, not surprisingly) will try and convince you there’s something missing from your life. 

It’s non-stop, folks, which got me thinking…

When I was living in Costa Rica, where I was on the internet 1-2 hours per day (for work) and spent most of my time conversing with people, running through the jungle (exercise!), and creating delicious cuisine for visiting guests, I didn’t have time to compare and down-talk myself based on what social media was displaying for me or companies wanted me to think. 

I was alone a large majority of the time with my thoughts and personal inspiration(s) – which was awesome.
And really, it was so easy to create and design fun products, plans, and programs for Bloom for Life because I didn’t have the pressure so many of us experience when we’re tapped
into the net ALL the time. 

That’s why, my friend, I HIGHLY suggest when you have enough of a foundation beneath your feet to start building your spiritually-inspired social business, you get the HECK out of the US (or Europe, or Australia) and start living a simple, reserved life somewhere where you 1) speak the language only minutely and 2) can focus on YOU and YOUR business (and its needs).

This will not only benefit the caliber of the work(s) you produce, it will leave YOU less-stressed, which will also benefit your health and improve your happiness. 

To recap, here are 3 solid reasons I think every inspired entrepreneur should take their business-building stint abroad: 

  1. You have more YOU time.
    As I’ve mentioned before, YOUR business is an extension of you. If your health isn’t stellar or if you’re constantly distracted with ‘worries’, thoughts, and relationships (yes, that’s why I don’t date a lot), your business will suffer, too.

    It’s not always EASY being an entrepreneur, and there are areas of your life you WILL have to put on hold if you want to reach for the stars and actually wrap your arms around the shiny goal once you reach it.

    BUT, every desire obtained and goal reached is worth the effort, if you ask me.

  2. You don’t speak the language, hence, less distraction and more time for productivity.
    As I kind of mentioned above, building your business abroad means that  you are LESS likely to get distracted with the local offerings (sure, tour Angkor Wat or go on a safari tour if you feel inspired), but remember the vision you hope to make a reality. 

    ENJOY the location you’ve traveled to (the Philippines is one my list!), but take that precious time to dive fully into whatever it is that inspires you. Your future self will thank your present self for being so dedicated.

    Also – you SHOULD know basics of the language to get around if you’re traveling to a new country; I feel its a matter of respect.

  3. You’re Likely To Find New Inspiration
    When you’re in the same old culture forever, it’s easy to forget there are many different ways of doing things, thinking, and relating with others. Experiencing a new culture can remind you of this. 

    Going abroad while you build your business will likely inspire you to change your perception and shape your business or offering(s) in an innovative way.

    People like innovation; they also like quality, so if you’re taking the time to REALLY learn and dive into whatever it is you feel inspired to explore, the end result WILL pay you back. I totally believe it and have experienced it for myself

So, that shared. I am SO looking forward to traveling to Indonesia (my first time -
whooop!), documenting the adventure, and using that precious time to build Bloom for Life, continue writing for TrueActivist, and finish certain studies (you can always learn more, right??) to be ab better version of ME. 

When I am relaxed and in a good, productive place, my work is SO much better. That’s why, lovely, I highly recommend you consider what I’ve outlined above and plan a trip when you can to broaden your horizons and experience NEW as you mold the best extension of yourself possible.

You Deserve to Live A Life You Love! 
Amanda Froelich

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