Hey guys, 

So I just got off an incredible Skype call with a friend who I met through other friends in Costa Rica, and he is interested in ‘branding’ his passions and turning them into a profitable online business. 

I have one word: YES! “

Already an entrepreneur and experienced in the business world, he’s not sure if his passion(s) for healthy living and spirituality, however, will pay the bills and help him create a life he loves. 

Guess what? He’s not alone. 

There are many, many people waking up to who they are and the many passions that excite them. BUT, they’re not sure they can blog and teach others about these interests and still attain financial abundance and happiness. 

Friends, the point of this blog and all my online efforts is to help you realize it IS possible to succeed at doing what you love, and to do it MORE than just as a hobby, but as a full-time (or part-time if you wish) expression and celebration of life!


You are here to experience and LOVE yourself and life to the fullest – STOP holding back. 

Because I want my friend and YOU to recognize your worth and your incredible ability to succeed, I’ve outlined 5 Reasons You Need To Start An Online Blog Today

Sure, beginning any new project takes effort and commitment, but now that you can establish your brand and online business through the Kalatu Blogging System, it should be a piece of cake. ESPECIALLY with me by your side. 

I have been creating websites and blogging since I was 14, so if you join my team, you are guaranteed to be assisted not only be the awesome videos through Empower Network, but yours truly. 

That said, let’s begin! 

1) An Online Website/Blog Is The BEST Portfolio

Guess what? 88% (I’m making that up, but it seems accurate) of the gigs I’ve been granted have been because others were impressed by my dedication to post relevant information in an informative and creative way. Truly. AmandaPray

I have used my website Bloom for Life as a portfolio of sorts to establish myself in the holistic “food as medicine” world for quite a few years now, and it helped me not only become a chef at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Finca de Vida health retreat in Costa Rica, and Executive Chef in Bangkok, Thailand, it has reached countless individuals across the world and also allowed me to make some incredible connections

Collaboration, in my opinion, is where it’s at… And that’s why I LOVE helping people like you establish your own interests and passions online so that others are benefited as you help yourself. We all win, right? 

By creating an online site, you establish yourself as an independent thinker, visionary, and educated individual in the topic you’re most interested in. That is also an indication to others that you are seeking to grow and better yourself, as your business will only grow as you do. As you’ll read below, it’s also incentive to become a better person because in alignment, the business world just works better. 

2) You Will Be Inspired To Be The Best You Can Be

Because the anonymity of the internet has given false bravery to so many small minded cowards, it IS difficult sometimes to ‘put yourself and your beliefs’ out on display. But guess what? There is great courage in doing so, and it will reward you immensely. 

Deciding to share your truth (you don’t have to be a genius professor with multiple PhD’s) is above all the BEST choice for YOU, because you will be challenged to learn and grow as you develop your online presence, refine your interests, and pursue those topics which light you up inside. 

As you follow this blog and learn more, you’ll also realize that the more you come into alignment with who you are and follow those passions, the more Spirit takes care of you and helps your grand visions become a manifested reality. 

The JOURNEY (that’s what it’s about, folks!) will really wake you up, for it will take courage, guts, and determination to let go of who you ‘think’ you are in this moment, and step into who your higher self already recognizes is you. (PS – That’s why you feel contrast, because you have  not yet accepted the larger part of you that has already succeeded!) We’ll talk about this plenty in the future. 


Also, when you determine new topics to blog about, you will be forced to learn more. Because education is the greatest gift – ever, this is one of my favorite things about getting to write and share information on topics I’m interested in. 

3) By Sharing What You Love, You’ll Be Happier 

I LOVE sharing posts about things that interest me, so every time I sit down to write or share a new article, I’m super happy and elated that I get to do so. 

In fact, even during some of the most stressful times in my life, the knowing that I get to ‘feed this aspect of myself,’ always ensures I get some content out every week. (And remember, content is what drives traffic – very important!)

Think about it: If you’re presently working a job you hate, coming home to a house you pay too much for (and kind of don’t like that much), and tend to numb yourself in the evenings with beer and pizza, introducing a hobby like blogging about what you like is a GREAT way to expel some of that stress and re-invigorate the inspired, loving, visionary aspect of yourself seeking to be expressed. 

I’m not lying, it’s transformative… which is WHY you MUST begin pursuing your passions and living a life you love. 

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month… Today. 


And if you’re ready to get started, I highly recommend you begin by checking out the Kalatu Blogging system HERE:

You get all the tips and help you need (you don’t have to be a web developer or an experienced writer) in the back office, as well as an incredible support team to help you get your website up and running in no time. 

Work with me and my team, and you’ll also receive resources and one-on-one guidance to counsel you into making this a profitable and successful venture

I look forward to having you join the team! Remember, any questions, just direct them to the Contact Form and I’ll respond right away! 


Amanda Froelich

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